With Binmatty (Bin) Newell, MA, 500h RYT




Yoga in the Workplace


Increasingly yoga is being embraced in the workplace as a preventative health measure and as a low cost perk to employees.

Yoga is usually taught to groups or individuals in the workplace over lunch time period or after work.


Employees Benefits:


     De-stress and energize

     Release chronic tension

     Increase flexibility

     Stretch and tone muscles

     Improve mental clarity, focus and confidence

     Improve overall health

     Reduce risk for diseases

     Encourage positive outlook


Employer Benefits:


     Increase productivity

     Reduce absenteeism

     Reduce staff turnover

     Greater job satisfaction

     More respect for others


What is needed?


All that is needed is a quiet comfortable space such as a boardroom, lunchroom, office space or gymnasium. Participants will need a yoga mat and a water bottle.


Classes and Rates


Classes run for 45 60 minutes and are designed to fit the needs of all levels including beginners.

Please call for rates.